These kind of sketches are made to explore the carīs general proportions but also to create more precise details. During the design process the sketches work as a tool for the designer. He is using sketching to catch the right image and feeling for the car. These kind of drawings are extremely fast to do. It takes 10-30 minutes to create a sketch, depending on your drawing skills and technique. Even faster 5-10 minute sketches are possible but of course if precise images are needed more time can be used to finish the sketch with right accuracy. The basic idea is to create these kind of drawings relaxed and to concentrate more to main idea than to create exact forms and surfaces. The ideas are evolving and taking their final form by doing several sketches. During the RaceAbout -project we made hundreds of sketches during the different stages of design process. The hand made sketches worked also as very good and simple instrument of communication between the design and engineering teams.

The sketches are made with markers, dry pastels and colored pencils on to marker paper.