A Dream lived in the minds of young raceabouters.

A Vision came stronger year by year.

After some years of education, the time had come.

Stadia created the surroundings for a new project.

A group of enthusiastic students and supervisors started the project.

After a while, some designers started hanging around with engineers.

The Design and Engineering developed from a sketch to a model.

With a remarkable help of industrial partners, structural work begun.

After thousands of hours of work, the dream finally came true...

As a result of hard work, RaceAbout was born...

// 02/1998 The start of the Project
// 09/1998 Design Brief
// 12/1998 Final Design
// 09/1999 Running chassis
// 03/2000 RaceAbout 2000 World Premiere
// 01/2001 Raceabout 02 Design Brief
// 05/2002 RaceAbout 02 World Premiere