The basic function of the car is to drive it. This type of car needs a lot of test kilometres to develop in near the limits of it`s performance. Testing is mainly done in race circuits. Tests have been carried out at Spa F1 circuit in Belgium, the Northern Loop of Nurburgring in Germany and at Alastaro and Virtasalmi racetracks in Finland. Plenty of road kilometres have been covered in Southern France, Germany, Belgium and of course in Finland.

There are two different set ups for the car, for the road and for the race track. When driving on a race track, suspension set up needs to be stiff and aggressive for maximum performance. On Saturday nights, when cruising on bumby cobblestone streets of Helsinki city, soft suspension with long travel plays the most important role.

RaceAbout02 is now equipped with onboard datalogging system with ground speed radar. The team looks forward for the first summertests in 2003. Some redesigns and improvements have been made to the rear suspension over the winter break.