Age: 29

Education: MSc in Aerodynamics; Cranfield UK, Automotive Engineer

Occupation: R&D engineer, Patria OYj

Hobbies: Race Car Technology, R/C Models, Golf

E-mail: jukka.tiainen@kopteri.net

"RaceAbout project has played a very important role in my life during the last few years. It has tought me so many lessons on team work, automotive engineering, project management etc. that money can't buy! Now when the most intense period of the project is past, I want to develop my skills in aerospace dynamics and automotive engineering to reach my ultimate professional goals. Higher and faster! ;-)"

Design Engineers
Mikko Karppinen, Jukka Tiainen, Tomi Torttila, Janne Welin
Test and Development Engineers
Kimmo Erkkilä, Teemu Harakka, Peter Helenius, Kimmo Perhoniemi
Pasi Perhoniemi, Tomi Sulonen
Special Engineering
Jarkko Mikkola, Antti Paasivirta