1 March 2005

75 th Geneva Motor Show

The Finnish Sports Car RaceAbout is back!

Five years have gone and now the new RaceAbout 2005 is ready. Some of you might remember the first RaceAbout 2000 which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2000. The design is mainly the same, but underneath of the layer of paint many things have changed. The first body was made from fiberglass, now it is made from carbon. The engine is now more powerful producing 200 kilowatts of power and 420 Newton meters of torque. Due to the lightweight chassis structure, the power to weight ratio is less than 4 kg per 1 kW. Electrical dash works also as a data logging unit. You can collect all the important data during drive via can-bus, digital and analogical sensors.

Raceabout 2005 is a true Finnish sports car designed and produced by a group of Finnish automotive engineering students at the Helsinki Polytechnic together with design students at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The main idea was to design a sports car with adjustable handling properties without any compromises that the mass production would require. The technical layout and manufacturing methods used are suitable for small handmade series only. It is simply a car for man and motoring.

“Without a remarkable help from our industrial partners, this project could not been possible,” said Mr. Mikko Karppinen, Chairman of the Board, RaceAbout Association.

“Valmet Automotive has been one of our most significant partners since the beginning. The results of our cooperation are seen in finest quality and the high level of finishing. Our first appearance in Geneva was in the year 2000 at the Valmet Automotive stand and during five years a lot has happened and we are more than happy to be here again.”

For further information contact:

Mr. Mikko Karppinen

Chairman of Board

RaceAbout Association

Tel. +358 50 3561235



Mr. Timo Suomala

Chief of Design, RaceAbout 2005

RaceAbout Association

Tel. + 358 400 526797