The RaceAbout-racing car was brought about by a group of Finnish students of automotive engineering and industrial design. As a result of their collaboration a light, two-seated mid-engined roadster was born. The driving attributes and performance are the same high quality as the design itself.

The RaceAbout 02 is a "honest" product: it is solely a sports car designed to yield great driving-pleasure; in traffic as well as on the race track. For that same reason the very appearance of the car conveys pure functionality, but also the strong feelings evoked by the driving experience. The unforgiving functionality of the technical dimension, aerodynamics, and the comfort of the driver are all that matters, everything else has been sacrificed. The design conveys the designers strong passion and pride in his work.

The RaceAbout 02 -sports car was engineered and designed utilising 3D CAD-technology. A complete virtual model of the car was available before the actual manufacturing process was launched.

The technical design, construction and testing: Helsinki Polytechnic, STADIA. The design of the body and the interior: University of Art and Design Helsinki - UIAH.

// 31.10.2004
Check out Raceabout at LFS S2. (Link Here)

// 31.10.2004
New engine(200kw/420Nm)is waiting for installation...

// 31.10.2004
New members at Raceabout-team, Ukko & Pauli