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Vehicle Projects of the Automotive Engineering Laboratory at the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia

Since the early 1990´s the focus of automotive BEng education at the Helsinki Polytechnic has been on 

  • requirements specified by the automotive industry and enterprises 
  • research and development, testing, emissions and material technology in the  new state-of-the-art automotive engineering laboratory
  • learning in automotive project work as a result of which students produce a large number of graduate theses. 

The automotive engineering projects are an essential part of the automotive degree program at the Helsinki Polytechnic. So far, the following projects have been completed:   

1990 Hydro CVT  A hydrostatic power transmission research vehicle. Hydro CVT was introduced at a construction machine exhibition in Jämsä , Finland .  

1994  Ibana    A 3-wheel city car developed in L5-class. Ibana was introduced at the Paris Motor Show. 

1997 Hydrid-Ibana   A city car with a parallel hybrid power transmission system.  Hybrid-Ibana was completely designed and constructed at the Automotive Engineering Laboratory, and it was introduced in Astoria Hall in Helsinki . 

2000 RaceAbout 2000   The first version of the Finnish 2-seated roadster sports car was designed completely in the 3-D virtual environment. RaceAbout 2000 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. 

2002 RaceAbout 2002  The 2002 model of the sports car equipped with ultra light carbon fibre body  panels. RaceAbout 2002 was introduced in Louvre Gallery, Paris .  

2002 Formula Student HPF002 The Formula Student single-seater racing car was introduced in an international intercollegiate design competition in Leicester , England . The Helsinki Polytechnic team won the “Best European Team” award. HPF002 also participated in the international Formula SAE competition in Detroit , USA in May 2003.  

2003 “ Sniffer”   An air quality researching vehicle. “Sniffer” was developed in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Tampere University of Technology, Helsinki University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The vehicle was introduced at the Helsinki University of Technology , in Espoo , Finland . More information:  

2003   “Biowaste Collecting Vehicle”  A new type of biowaste collecting vehicle representing the latest loading technology. The special vehicle is equipped with a Volvo FL6 chassis, a stainless steel cargo space, and cleaning equipment for bio-waste bins. The vehicle was introduced in Helsinki . 

2004 Formula Student HPF004    The 2004 version of the Formula Student race car was introduced in the Formula Student competition in Leicestershire , England . 

2005 RaceAbout 2005  The latest version of the RaceAbout sports car. World Premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. 

Automotive projects being carried out and the vehicles soon to be launched:  

2005  Formula Student HPF005  The latest version of the Formula Student race car will be introduced in the Formula SAE competition in Detroit , USA .

2006   CityCab   A taxi car for city centre traffic in metropolitan areas. CityCab features optimal space utilisation, comfort, state-of-the-art styling, environmentally friendly technology, sophisticated IT-technology, and the latest material and construction solutions. The project started at the beginning of 2004 and CityCab will be introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2006.

These projects have attracted great interest in media, and they play a vital role in further increasing cooperation with the automotive industry and companies as well as in recruiting highly motivated students to study automotive engineering. 

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Matti Parpola, Head of the Automotive Engineering Laboratory

Mobile :  +358 50 330 1479