The Future of RaceAbout is very Electric

The Next generation RaceAbout is going to be an electrical vehicle. People behind RaceAbout are sure in the near future the use of sports cars generally causes offensive, unless they are zero-emission vehicles.

The design of the electrical RaceAbout is going to follow the current Raceabout style with some minor facelift. The chassis along with the drive are going to be totally new. Advanced Finnish made battery control together with very high energy density Li-Ion battery units make the assembly compact and lightweight. Not to forget ideal weight distribution and very low center of gravity, this raises the handling characteristics to a new level. Superb low end torque and possibility to use next generation electrical driver's aids are benefits that cannot be achieved in today's combustion engines.

There is still a long way to go from design to production, but we strongly believe some day you can buy your own electrical powered RaceAboutů

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Mr. Mikko Karppinen

Tel. +358 50 3561235