The design of the RaceAbout 2005 aims to communicate with its surroundings telling a story about feelings, actions, passion and pride that are connected in the process of building this sports car.

The design is strongly based on the actual purpose of the car, and therefore, following function and usability: everything extra has been left out and both the exterior and the interior have been carried out considering the aerodynamics and the driver's needs.

The realization of this design principle makes the RaceAbout05 an honest product; it doesn't try to be anything else that it actually is, a working race car for both street and track use.

One of the objectives in the RaceAbout sports car design has been to create timeless design that endures time and changes. The round and curvy surfaces in the front end are subtly changing into more edgy and cut-like forms when moving towards the rear end. These fine changes emphasize the modern design and at the same time give a touch of the classical and function-based sports car design.


•  General design themes, a wedge-like, forward leaning, wide in proportion to height, are expressing the characteristics and resources of the vehicle.

•  The form follows the structure of the chassis: the shoulder line is low and the fenders are raised.

•  The design of the body is underlining the car's two characters: track and street, the dynamic and tense forms in the front end are transforming to aggressive and angular towards the rear end.

•  The forward leaning shutlines are telling the facts of the car's brutal potential and are overflowing with exploding kinetic energy even if the car is standing still.

•  The body's strong openings are expressing the layered structure: Under is the light aluminium and on top is the durable carbon fibre which together forms a functional and rigid whole.


•  Lucidity and functionality are also continued in the design of the interior and in the material choices.

•  In the cockpit only the essential has been covered with panels and the most of the aluminium monocoque has been left open. The form and the structure of the interior panels are carrying out the theme of lightness and functionality.

•  The racing seats and the panels are all upholstered with leather.

•  The cockpit is a tool between the driver and the chassis.

•  The meter display has been laid out in terms of ergonomics and usability for the driver.

•  Interior panels are all detachable to ease possible service or changing them to different color and material.

•  Just like the whole design process also the interior design as been very thorough. All the parts and components have been manufactured and produced for the need of the project.