LAYOUT: Two seater, mid-engined roadster.

CHASSIS: Riveted aluminium monoqocue. Over 2000 aircfaft -type rivets. Lightweigt and high stiffness. Stainless steel subframes. High-strength steel roll-over structures.

BODY: Body panels are detachable and are made of carbon composite material. Very lightweight, appr. 27 kg. Manufactured using different techniques. Pilkington Lamino heated windshield.

INTERIOR: Carbon composite panels. Connolly leather upholstery. Sparco sport seats. 4 point racing safety belts. Aluminium housings.

SUSPENSION: Double wishbones in the front and rear. Custom made Koni shock absorbers, adjustable bump and rebound. Blade- type adjustable balance bar in the front. Possible to adjust roll-, pitch- and yaw-centers

ENGINE: Saab B204L Turbocharged straight four. 16 valves, two camshafts, two balanceshafts. Trionic engine management system with direct ignition. Custom made Intercooler. Freeflow airfilter. Engine oil cooler. Kemira Metalkat, twin-catalysator exhaust system and one silencer. Modified to Euro3 -Emission levels

POWERTRAIN: Saab FC 55, 5 speed manual gearbox / Final Drive, 1:3.82 original, changed to 1:4.45 / Torsen -type differential lock

BRAKES: Ventilated 295mm AP-racing brakes. Four piston aluminium calibers. Adjustable brake balance

FUELSYSTEM: Aluminium tank, located inside monoqoue, behind seats. Volume 42 litres. Collector tank to ensure fuel delivery in transient states. Collector tank volume 1 litres. Activecarbon-tank for evaporating fuel.

WHEELS: Kosei Sniper17" x 8"

TYRES: Nokia Tyres NR-Y / Front: 215/45-17 / Rear: 225/40-17 / RoadSnoop© tyre pressure -monitoring system

// Mid-engined
// Turbocharged
// Aluminium & Stainless Steel & Carbon composite
// Connolly leather